Phentermine Use in US

Due to the increasing problem of obesity in the country, Phentermine use in the US has become quite common.  It is a prescription diet pill that can be prescribed to obese individuals in order to help them to reduce their body weight so that they will be able to achieve better health.


While it may be growing in popularity, Phentermine use in the US is still carefully regulated, so that not just any dieter will be able to obtain the pills.  They are meant specifically for individuals with obesity and whose excess weight is causing them to suffer from a greater risk of serious health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  It will not be prescribed to someone who wants to lose a few pounds in order to look a little better.


At the time that this drug is prescribed, regulations state that Phentermine use in the US be accompanied by additional weight loss efforts.  This is because the drug does not cause weight loss to occur on its own.  It is prescribed alongside a reduced calorie healthy diet and a daily exercise program.  Those two efforts complement the benefits of the drug, which include appetite suppression and an increase in energy levels.


There are several different forms of Phentermine for use in the US.  They include different types of the generic medication, such as the tablets and the capsules, but there are also a number of brand name versions of the drug that are available in the country.  These include Adipex, Adipex-P, Obestin, Redusa, Oby-Trim, Zantryl, and several others.


Although it was once easy to buy Phentermine online for use in the US, the rules changed in 2004, when it was becoming too simple for individuals who did not have a prescription to purchase the drug.  A massive crackdown occurred, stopping many online pharmacies in the United States from being able to sell the drug.  For that reason, the pills become much less convenient to purchase, and it became more challenging for individuals to be able to perform price comparisons.


Therefore, Phentermine for use in the US is now often purchased at offline pharmacies.  Although there are still some online that can legally sell the prescription products, it has become so difficult to tell them apart from some unethical sites that pretend to offer the drug in a legal way, that many dieters are sidestepping the problem altogether. They now either shop offline, or they choose a nonprescription alternative, instead.


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