Phentermine Shipping

Many people have found that buying Phentermine in the United States is so expensive or difficult, that they want to try to have the pills shipped from another country.  There are many websites that advertise that they will sell the drug to Americans, often without a prescription.


The first thing that you should know is that as a prescription drug, it is illegal to purchase Phentermine anywhere that does not require you to prove that you have been prescribed the medication by a licensed doctor.  The second thing that you should know is that Phentermine shipping to the US from other countries is not typically legal, either.


For those two reasons, it is very important that you avoid buying Phentermine and having it shipped to you in the US.  Even if it appears as though it is a very good deal and that the company is legitimate, you are taking an enormous risk by ordering the drug from this type of site.  After all, a good looking website is a matter of web design and marketing skills, and does not represent a company’s abilities to follow the law, purchase fresh drugs, store them properly, and accurately fill a prescription.


Among the problems that many people face when they try to order Phentermine from another country so that they can have it shipped to the US include the following:


  • Fake pills – instead of receiving genuine Phentermine, you might be shipped an alternative pill.  There is no way of knowing what you will truly receive and whether or not that will be safe for you to take.


  • Old pills – even if you do receive the genuine drug, they may be expired medications that have lost their efficacy or that could react in an unpredictable way.  Stale medication is a common trick used by unethical online pharmacies.


  • Improperly stored pills – assuming the pills are real and that they are not yet expired, there is no way to know that they have been stored properly to ensure their freshness.  This can cause them to go stale prematurely and to lose their effectiveness.


  • Nothing shipped – perhaps worst of all is the company that takes your money for shipping Phentermine to you in the US, but that doesn’t send you anything at all.  These situations can also lead to cases of identity theft.


The safest thing for you to do if you wish to take Phentermine is to obtain a legitimate prescription from your doctor and have it filled at a pharmacy you can trust, here in the United States.


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