Phentermine Risks

Before you take any drug, it is a good idea to know both the good and the bad, so make sure to learn the Phentermine risks ahead of having your prescription filled and swallowing your first pill.  Although this is an FDA approved medication and it is considered to be safe for many obese patients, as a prescription drug, it does come with certain drawbacks that could lead to certain issues.


Among those struggles, there are four main Phentermine risks of which you should definitely be aware before you take this diet pill. They are:


  • Conflicts with medical conditions – This drug is prescribed only to obese patients who need the help in reducing their weight in order to avoid serious medical conditions.  That said, there are still Phentermine risks involved in combining this drug with certain other health problems that you may already have. The medication functions by stimulating the central nervous system, encouraging the production of norepinephrine, and increasing the heart rate and blood pressure, among other reactions.  Any of these can cause dangerous results for individuals who have certain pre-existing conditions such as very high blood pressure.  Before accepting this prescription from your doctor, be sure to tell him or her about any medical conditions that you already have.


  • Interactions with medications and supplements – Phentermine risks are heightened when you are already taking certain other medications or even nutritional supplements or herbal remedies.  Some substances, when combined with Phentermine, can produce negative reactions, can function differently, or can cease to be effective at all.  This is common with antidepressants and blood pressure medications, among others.  Always tell your doctor about anything else that you may be taking or plan to take while you’re using this diet pill.


  • Side effects – Among the most common Phentermine risks are side effects. As a prescription drug, there are some potential symptoms that could occur while you use it.  They are typically quite mild and will sometimes fade out after the first day or so of use.  However, they can also be quite severe, so it is good to know what they could be and what to do if you experience them.  Some of the milder side effects include headache, insomnia, and dry mouth.  Some of the more severe symptoms can include convolutions, very high blood pressure, and seizures.


  • Addiction – it is very important that you follow the directions of use very carefully when using this drug.  One of the reasons that this is critical is that using Phentermine risks becoming addicted to it.  Should an addiction form, withdrawal symptoms can result as you try to stop using it.  Never use this drug in dosages that are higher than prescribed.  Don’t take this pill more frequently than recommended, and don’t continue using it longer than prescribed.


By informing yourself and taking this mediation very carefully, you can help to keep your Phentermine risks to a minimum.


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