Phentermine Capsules

Phentermine capsules are a form of prescription diet pill that is easy to swallow and that contains a full dose of the maximum 37.5 milligram strength of the drug. Though it is contained in a different format than the tablets, it provides the dieter with the same benefits and drawbacks.


That said, while the two types of diet pill essentially contain the same drug, many doctors and patients prefer Phentermine capsules to the tablets.  The reason is that the design of the capsules allows the drug to be released more slowly into the body.  Instead of dissolving right away and being absorbed all at once after the pill has been swallowed, it is gradually released over a longer period of time.  This allows the drug to have a more even and lasting effect that doesn’t wear off as early as the tablet format.


Equally, though, this doesn’t mean that Phentermine capsules are superior to the tablets in terms of performance.  Instead, it gives dieters the choice as to how they would like to experience the benefits, so that they can choose the type that will work the best for them.


The Phentermine capsules still provide effective appetite suppression through the stimulation of the nervous system.  The increase in blood pressure and heart rate will effectively control hunger pangs in many patients, and will also boost their metabolic rates and provide an increased energy level.


The effects of these diet pills online do not directly lead to weight loss.  Instead, the drug is prescribed with a reduced calorie diet and a daily exercise plan.  With those efforts and the benefits of the pills, dieting is faster and easier to achieve. Without the strong sensation of hunger, it is easier for dieters to reduce the amount of food that they eat and adhere to their maximum calorie limits.  With the added energy, they will not be too fatigued to do their workouts every day.  Moreover, many people find their cardio workouts are even more effective because the metabolism boost helps to burn more stored fat.


Phentermine capsules are associated with side effects and a risk of addiction.  Therefore, it is very important to speak with your doctor about these possible symptoms before you start to take the drug.
It is also very important to take the pill precisely according to the doctor’s directions.  It must be swallowed whole with a glass of water.  Crushing, breaking, cutting, chewing, or otherwise opening Phentermine capsules can be very dangerous.  This is a time release formula and is designed to be released gradually.  Breaking the pills can cause the entire dose to be absorbed at once, increasing the risk of very severe and potentially life threatening side effects.



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