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When you live in the United States and you want to purchase your prescription diet drug, you need to make sure that you’re doing so from a place that is legally licensed to allow you to buy Phentermine diet pills under US regulations. This means that you will either need to purchase it from an offline or online pharmacy that has the right certifications and licensing.

Although this may sound simple, the DEA has actually deliberately taken action to make it more difficult to be able to obtain these pills. Though they have always required that you have a prescription if you wish to buy Phentermine in the US, and while it is readily available in offline pharmacies, the regulations from the DEA changed in the early 2000s so that it was far more challenging to purchase this drug online.

The reason is that it was becoming too easy for individuals without a prescription to be able to purchase the drug. The activity was no less illegal then than it is now, but the crackdowns that have been implemented have made it harder to buy Phentermine in the US online. This did make it harder for individuals with a prescription to buy the drug, but it was a necessary step to take in 2004, in order to help to make sure that those diet pills cannot fall into the wrong hands.

As safe as Phentermine can be for the right individual to use under a doctor’s guidance, in the wrong person, it can be a very dangerous drug. It is a powerful stimulant to the central nervous system and can conflict with a large number of health conditions, other medications, and even some nutritional supplements. Furthermore, it has side effects associated with its use. In a person who does not have a BMI that is high enough, those side effects could become very severe, to the point of endangering the individual’s life.

Because it has become far less convenient to buy Phentermine in the US, many people now choose to buy alternatives, instead. There are now nonprescription supplements that can be purchased online that mimic the effects of the drug, but that are not associated with the strong side effects or the risk of addiction and withdrawal symptoms that are connected with the prescription drug. The key to choosing the right one is to read up on the alternatives and look into customer reviews.


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